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Over the years we've worked for several small and large recruitment companies and in turn have formed strong relationships with clients and candidates.

Our ethos is all about going above and beyond to build and maintain strong relationships. By working independently, we can provide a more in-depth, personal and tailored service to both clients and candidates and can genuinely focus on Headhunting as opposed to recruitment.

Our Expertise

JAG Talent specialises in customised and strategic Headhunting for Technical Services, Mine Management and Metallurgy within Hard Rock Mining across Australia.

JAG Talent provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having over 10 years’ experience Headhunting solely Hard Rock Mining.

JAG Talent is genuinely dedicated to finding the best fit for both clients and candidates.

Our Philosophy

We are specialist Technical Services, Mine Management and Metallurgy Headhunters within Hard Rock Mining, delivering end to end services from screening through to post placement.

We only work in the passive market, we don’t advertise. We have 10 years’ experience in this specialised area. Many competitors work across serval areas and disciplines such as Coal and outside of Technical Services. We do not pretend we manage all areas; we genuinely only specialise in Technical Services, Mine Management and Metallurgy within Hard Rock Mining across Australia. 

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Tim Senior

I am an expert Headhunter in Technical Services, Mine Management and Metallurgy within Hard Rock Mining. I pride myself on providing incredibly strategic Headhunting and Strategic Search services ensuring the best possible match between client and candidate in turn literally changing people's lives for the better. I not only work with candidates themselves but also their partners and families once again ensuring the best possible outcomes for long term success. 

Customers have told me I consult rather than sell. I don’t pretend to be an expert across the mining industry, it's too big, my aim is not to expand this area, I am the go-to person within this niche.

I have a history in Project Management and recruitment is all about Project Management. I come from a project construction background not sales. So, my job is to be the middle person serving both sides (client and candidate) ensuring enduring success for all parties.

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Julia Senior

Julia is a Partnership and Customer Experience specialist and is passionate about going above and beyond to ensure success for both clients and candidates.

Julia has an extensive and diverse career background across Relationship Management, Business Development, Marketing and Operations.

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